OUTRE – hollow earth – CD

CDdebemur morti productions2018


As the sun begins to set on 2018, smoldering fires reignite, old wounds open anew, and OUTRE return with their sophomore effort, “Hollow Earth”. Pushing the envelope on an already polished and tight sound, “Hollow Earth” sees the band continue to refine their craft, effortlessly weaving blasting black metal dissonance with guttural, down tuned death metal savagery and sludge-like grooves. Ghostly synths and ethereal clean vocals spiral into this blackened vortex, lending their distant cries to a haunting and cavernous atmosphere.


1. Spheres Within
2. The Order of Abhorrence
3. Combustion
4. Let the Earth Be Silent
5. Distant Daylight
6. Aberrations
7. Hollow Earth

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