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Conjuring a work of doom metal artistry unparalleled, PALLBEARER succeed their heralded “Sorrow and Extinction” debut with their much-anticipated follow-up, “Foundations Of Burden”, destined to be recognized as one of 2014′s most defining moments in all of metal. An opus more advanced, overwhelming, and developed than their debut, said album that would end up taking the metal world by storm back in 2012.
With the groundwork laid upon with “Sorrow and Extinction”, “Foundations Of Burden” essentially takes the PALLBEARER creative oeuvre to new realms that not only takes their doom metal pedigree even further, but also sees the them harness their prog and traditional heavy metal influences even more. The result being an album much more than its predecessor with the melodies and harmonies being more massive, the music more progressive and layered, the overall atmosphere and sonic weight even more earth shattering. Production and sound wise, Billy Anderson’s expertise behind the control boards has helped PALLBEARER flesh out and highlight their sound even more through massive crushing tones, attention to deteail and defined clarity while still maintaining that classic almost vintage-like production feel.


1. Worlds Apart
2. Foundations
3. Watcher In the Dark
4. The Ghost I Used To Be
5. Ashes
6. Vanished

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