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Perturbator – the reigning master of darksynth – presents his darkest masterwork to date, the surprise mini-album « New Model. »
Composed in secret, « New Model » follows quickly on the heels of his Billboard chart-topping album « The Uncanny Valley » and explores the bleak and slithering circuitry at the core of modern life.
Revelling in utter madness, gnarled and distorted low-end, and eschewing all modern rules of tempo; the 34-and-a-half minute release enters quickly and cleans out your core, guiding you on a dystopian odyssey through the underbelly of fierce glitch and madness.


1. Birth of the New Model
2. Tactical Precision Disarray
3. Vantablack
4. Tainted Empire
5. Corrupted by Design
6. God Complex

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