PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND – rien ne suffit – CD digipack

CD digipackdebemur morti productions2021


On 4th full-length « Rien ne suffit » (‘Nothing is enough’) sui generis synthesists PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND take a violent wrecking ball to the edifice of extreme music, remoulding the pieces as a mirror-portal into psychological, societal and global turmoil.
Always unpredictable and extraordinary, the band create constant tightrope-walk tension as they blur the edges of avant-Black Metal, chaotic Hardcore, blown-out Jazz, corrosive Noise, experimental Electronica and death Industrial into an ultra-contemporary form of ‘post-Metal’ in the truest application of the term.
Conceptualised, played and recorded by the band and producer Amaury Sauvé as a piece of aural filmmaking, « Rien ne suffit » is a courageous, challenging and mind-bendingly unique record from a peerless band operating at peak powers. Hypersensitive introspection-mania made flesh.


1. Masse critique
2. À droite du démiurge, à gauche du néant
3. Tropisme
4. Part maudite
5. Angle mort
6. Espoir nuit naufrage
7. Nous en sommes là
8. Rien n’y fait
9. Jouis, camarade
10. Aube

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