ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE – doobie wonderland (with THE COSMIC INFERNO) – CD

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Due for release on 2nd September 2013 under the Cosmic Inferno guise, ‘Doobie Wonderland’ sees them utilising these influences to their full extent whilst continuing to expand, finding new inspiration in such genres as Psychedelic Soul, Funk and Disco. This new approach is perhaps evidenced by a shift in line-up; in addition to core members Makoto Kawabata, Higashi Hiroshi, Tabata Mitsuri and Shimura Koji, this collection of material, recorded over the space of five years, features the final appearance from drummer / vocalist Pika (formerly of Psychedelic Punk duo Afrirampo) and marks the arrival of Opera, who also performs with Kochi-based Hardcore group Reveal. Pika’s spell with the band marked not only a new sound but a sensibility that extended to a live setting, giving rise to a new sonic and performative method, manifesting in a joyous, often ecstatic character that stands in contrast with the Doom-laden arrangements heard on albums such as “Starless and Bible Black Sabbath” and “Ominous from the Cosmic Inferno“. This sensibility lives on following her departure, resulting in a refreshingly primitive style that can be heard both live and recorded.

A must for converts, and a welcome addition to any Progressive Rock, Psychedelia or even Jazz Fusion collection, this is a trip not to be missed. Come armed with a sense of adventure and without a map.


1. Do You Remember Doobie Wonderland?
2. Planet Golden Love
3. Dance With Space Gypsy Queen
4. M.J.Love 666
5. Shining O and Jupiter ∞


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