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PURE WRATH – formed 2014 in West Java, Indonesia – is the soul-stirring atmospheric Black Metal project of multi-instrumentalist Januaryo Hardy.
A continuation of preceding EP « The Forlorn Soldier », 3rd full-length « Hymn to the Woeful Hearts » is a wounded, epically emotive exploration of timeless grief which ascends to the next level – simmering down past symphonics and ramping up the bitterness, aggression, textural dynamism and melancholic conviction.
Again featuring skilled and energetic guest drumwork from Yurii Kononov (ex-WHITE WARD), PURE WRATH have here produced their deepest, darkest, most organic and engaging work to date: perfectly balancing howls of primal rage with tear-stained, hymnal sung passages, simultaneously vicious and yearning guitar-work, poignant synth, evocative acoustics and heartfelt thematic realism.


1. The Cloak Of Disquiet
2. Years Of Silence
3. Presages From A Restless Soul
4. Footprints Of The Lost Child
5. Those Who Stand Still
6. Hymn To The Woeful Hearts

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