RAISE THE RED LANTERN – raise the red lantern

CD digipackat a loss recordings2009


When your previous record is entitled Thunderf*ck there really is no point in naming your next record. So At A Loss Recordings is pleased to present to you Raise The Red Lanterns new self titled full length album. Raise The Red Lantern have previously released titles with Seventh Rule and Witch Trial Recordings. Raise The Red Lantern features ¾ of the builders of the almighty Emperor Custom Cabinets (those rad cabs that bands like Pelican, Trap Them, Russian Circles and others use) and ¼ of forward thinking metallic prog / jazz greats Yakuza. Together you have a force of nasty rock riffage meets full on metal shred supported by distorted low end bombardment complimented with throat harshing roars!


1. Ritual
2. Thick As Thieves
3. Awaken
4. Oracle
5. Deliver, Us / Deliverance
6. No Mans Land
7. Wild Stallion
8. Seduction Of Slumber

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