REVERENCE – inactive theocracy – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL 2xLP (clear)die unaussprechlichen kulten editions2009


Formed in 1998, REVERENCE released a few demos and split CDs/LPs between 2001 and 2004 (2003’s « Decorporation » split with BLUT AUS NORD probably being the most well-known one). In September 2005, seven years after the band’s inception, REVERENCE recorded its debut album, « Industrial Mental Concept », for the French label Dead Sun Records. A sophomore effort, « Chamber Of Divine Elaboration », followed in 2007 via Avantgarde Music.

According to the group’s official bio, REVERENCE « adds to a basic depressive black metal structure built upon a very interesting guitar work, some industrial weird synth effects and spectral sounds that make their songs easily memorable and in some cases unique. »

The gatefold double-LP version of « Inactive Theocracy » — the third album from French black metallers REVERENCE.

« Inactive Theocracy » was recently issued on CD via Osmose Productions. The effort was recorded and mixed at Drudenhaus Studios with Neb Xort (ANOREXIA NERVOSA) and was mastered at MasterLab studios in France.


1. Origin
2. Faith Design
3. Breath

1. When The Lights Blossom
2. Hypothetical Paths Of Silence

1. The Axis Of Horrors
2. The First Day Of The Last Chapter

1. Hybrid Requiem Phenomenon
2. Regression Of Cold Levels

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