ROOM 204 – maximum vegetation – CD

CD digisleevekythibong records2014


Room 204 sounds like a bird singing on tree branch somewhere in a city.
Proud of perpetuating tradition yet adapting to the ever changing natural landscapes.
Room 204 is now a three piece (1 Papier Tigre + 1 Papaye + 1 Seal Of Quality) on their fourth album, “Maximum Végétation”, eleven haiku / blitzkrieg tracks winking towards the environment, video arcades and metal.
They’ve grown up, they drink wine, read books and fully understand how to use a guitar.
Room 204 is a free spirit flying to higher grounds closer to gods of rock.


1. En dix neuf cent trente et un
2. Population de cocotiers
3. Fleur de toundra
4. L’heure d’été
5. Non cartographié
6. Dépression herbeuse
7. Six à dix
8. Biocorridor
9. Maquis impénétrable
10. Tropical extrême désert
11. Trame verte

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