SABBATH ASSEMBLY – a letter of red – CD digisleeve

CD digisleevesvart records2019


On fabric of silk, in letter of red, with shining appearance before me,
the letter rose up in the form of an eagle, encouraging me with its guidance. With its love it was drawing me forward.

The letter flew, and alighted beside me, and became Speech.
At its Voice and the Sound of its rustling, I awoke from my sleep.
I took it, kissed it, broke its seal, and read. And the words written on my heart were in the letter for me to read.


1. Solve et Coagula
2. The Serpent Uncoils
3. Worthless
4. The Weighing of the Heart
5. Ascend and Descend
6. Hymn of the Pearl
7. From The Beginning
8. A Welcome Below

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