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Some bands are heavy and some bands are F***ING HEAVY! Belgium?s SerpentCult (as spelt) most definitely fall into the latter. Comprising of various veterans of the Belgian underground Doom Metal scene, they set about battering galaxies with some of the most unorthodox and complex heavy riffs yet known to man during the heady summer of 2006.

Initially a three-piece, Stephen and Frederick set out handling vocal duties internally. It soon became apparent that they weren?t too comfortable with this role, wanting to focus their attentions solely on delivering the heaviest sounds possible. Along came Metal-hungry vocalist Michelle, whose unique and convincing melodic tone gave a whole new dimension to the band’s brutal dynamic.

It was at this time that they recorded a debut EP for Sweden?s I Hate Records titled ?Trident Nor Fire?. Released in April 07, it was met with much critical acclaim within the Underground Metal community, leading to a series of national and international dates. It was at this time that the band had been drawn to the attention of Rise Above Records, eventually signing them in early 2008.

?Weight Of Light? was recorded at Priory Studios, Birmingham with the grandmaster of subsonic frequencies, Greg Chandler (Esoteric). Mixing was handled by Billy Anderson (High On Fire, Neurosis etc) at his Oakland home studios. The combination of savage material and the weighty pedigree of people involved in the production has resulted in creating one of the absolute heaviest metal albums you will hear this year.

Defying generic categorization, ?Weight Of Light? transcends beyond standard Doom fare into a maze of uncompromising rifferama. The title track, itself, sounding like a combination of the heaviest Goatsnake offerings mixed with a hint of Celtic Frostiness and (80s Belgian Metal legends) Acid. The all out Doom-odyssey of Akarnum reminds us how monumental and utterly devastating this often-overlooked genre can actually be.

The punishment continues to flow throughout like a never-ending stream of lead weight Doom Metal ploughing its way across the sodden landscapes of a Dark Universe. The Cliff Burton inspired Wah-Wah bass of Steven literally shakes planets with bowel churning intensity. Album closer ?SerpentCult? rounds things off with a trippy mix of Cathedral-esque twisted riffing and Electric Wizard style jams.


1. New world Order
2. Screams From The Deep
3. Weight of Light
4. Awaken The Kraken
5. Templar
6. Arkanum
7. Red Dawn
8. SerpentCult

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