SHORA – shaping the random – VINYL LP (clear)

VINYL LP (clear)head records2000


First-ever vinyl release of Shora’s Shaping The Random, originally published on CD in 2000 by Grave Romance Records, with remastered audio and updated artwork.
This essential document of European extreme underground music at the turn of the century admirably stood the test of time—an indisputable touchstone in progressive and boundary-pushing hardcore and metal. With its short, complex and explosive compositions, Shaping The Random established Shora as a remarkably creative and original unit, well beyond the confines of its native Switzerland. Thoughtfully teetering on the edge of the information overload precipice, the record is an exhilarating and adrenaline-fueled sonic deluge, crammed with fractured grooves, unhinged screaming, suggestive dissonances, and epic riffing.


1. Prelude
2. A Deviance
3. In Search Of Empty Space
4. The Precious
5. Drowned Beauty
6. The Never-Ending Exhale
7. Sugao

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