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For sulfur guitar lovers, Prog from beyond the grave and blip blup blop of old synthesizers. Blitzkrieg fuzz and geyser Free. Bass escaping from the Minas Morgül’s dungeons, and Nostromo’s drums travelling at the speed of light. Vicious solos and assassins bends. Acid krautrock and cosmic-comics jazz. There are distant echoes and reveries, celestial choirs illuminating space. And r r e e p p e e t t i i t t i i o o n n. Ancestral voices and ancient extraterrestrial rites. Abyssal doom and apocalyptic noise. There’s chaos. And there’s silence.


1. Ummon
2. It’s Coming…
3. Thousand Helmets of Gold
4. Citadel on a Satellite
5. Hyperion
6. Altitude Lake
7. Sonar
8. Dark was Space, Cold were the Stars
9. Aurore aux Confins
10. Son Dông’s Cavern
11. Lions, Tigers and Bears

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