SOILWORK – the ride majestic – VINYL 2xLP (black)

VINYL 2xLP (black)nuclear blast records2015


For their new (tenth!) album cycle, SOILWORK are joined by new bassist Markus Wibom, formerly of Helsingborg hardcore group Hearts Alive. Wibom replaces longtime band member Ola Flink, who has amicably left the group to focus on other endeavors. Wibom has been a personal friend of the band for many years and has previously toured with SOILWORK as a guitar tech and lighting designer. SOILWORK vocalist Bjorn « Speed » Strid states, « Flink will forever be a symbol for SOILWORK and of all we were and still are about. That being said, we all could sense that he eventually would come to a crossroads. He understandably and respectfully chose to step down ». Recorded by David Castillo (Opeth, Katatonia) at Studio Groendal and mixed by Jens Bogren (Kreator, Amon Amarth), 'The Ride Majestic' is another collection of blistering modern metal. Breakneck arrangements married with infectious melodic hooks pepper the 11 tracks – 18 years on and Soilwork are still as fertile as ever!


1. The Ride Majestic
2. Alight in the Aftermath
3. Death in General

1. Enemies in Fidelity
2. Petrichor by Sulphur
3. The Phantom

1. The Ride Majestic (Aspire Angelic)
2. Whirl of Pain
3. All Along Echoing Paths
4. Shining Lights

1. Father and Son, Watching the World Go Down
2. Of Hollow Dreams
3. Ghosts And Thunder

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