SPECTRAL LORE – gnosis – VINYL 2xLP (black)

VINYL 2xLP (black)throne records2017


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No matter the vast amount of different amazing sub-genres Black Metal's richness has accustomed us to, there will always be new paths explored leading to an endless forest.
Such is the importance of « Gnosis », the founding opus of a brand new sub-style of its own; being it « Ethnic Black Metal », or any other nomenclature of your choice.
Behold here an absolute masterpiece of ancient times-like craftsmanship.
« Gnosis » is presented along 3 sides of vinyl, allowing its 50 minutes running time to widely expand through the grooves while displaying all the majesty contained in these five long compositions.
To top the music off, the artwork pieces were treated with true care and focus. A facsimile of the ancient cover painting was acquired, then scanned, to give this unique vinyl release the top quality treatment it truly deserves.


1. Dualism
2. Averroe’s Search

1. Gnosis’ Journey Through The Ages
2. For Aleppo

1. A God Made Of Flesh And Consciousness

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