ABRAHMA – through the dusty paths of our lives – CD

small stones records 2012


After five years of performing under the moniker Alcohsonic, and after releasing one full length album, one 7 inch (and one EP, the foursome returns with a new album, a new style, and a new name: ABRAHMA.

The album stands out as a jewel of the heavy rock/psychedelic genre, transporting the listener through a whirl of riffs to a world of obscure swamps where Hindu mythology meets voodoo magic.


1. α
2. Neptune Of Sorrow
3. Tears Of The Sun
4. Dandelion Dust
5. Honkin’ Water Roof
6. Loa’s Awakening (Prelude)
7. Vodun Pt. 1: Samedi’s Awakening
8. Big Black Cloud
9. Headless Horse
10. Vodun Pt. 2: I, Zombie
11. Oceans On Sand…
12. …Here Sleep Ghosts
13. Vodun Pt. 3: Final Asagwe
14. The Maze
15. Ω

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