STONER – totally… – VINYL LP (solid orange)

VINYL LP (solid orange)heavy psych sounds records2022


8 brand new tracks to blow your mind, produced by Yosef Sanborn, who has worked with Brant Bjork over the last decade on his solo recordings. « TOTALLY » flows with thick fuzzalicious guitars, laid back & funky stoned rhythm, heavy acid blues and badass punk rock. This album flies away in one single listen and makes you want to leave it on the turntable all night long. The delicious cover art is a invitation to the party, and reminds us that this band takes nothing too seriously , but to rock and roll and have fun, that’s the recipe these desert dudes are bringing us after 30 years of experience.


1. A Million Beers
2. Party March
3. Strawberry Creek (Dirty Feet)
4. Space Dude & The Burn

1. STÖNER Theme
2. Turn It Around
3. Driving Miss Lazy
4. Great American Sage

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