STORMKEEP – tales of othertime – CD

CDvan records2021


STORMKEEP is a force of the supernatural, a wind flowing through the crumbling ancient ruins of a lost land, buried by legend and mystery. From the athenaea of old came the acclaimed underground mini-LP “Galdrum,” an homage to the golden age of black metal and harkening back to the dark ages of history filled with mysticism and magick. Now STORMKEEP bring forth their debut full-length album “Tales of Othertime.”
The penultimate tome of fantastical dungeon metal symphonia from a world beyond, “Tales of Othertime” presents six majestic hymns of triumphant, cold and fierce Medieval Black Metal. Sail across the frozen worlds of Elda and travel into a land of myth. Enter…


1. The Seer  
2. The Citadel  
3. A Journey Through Storms  
4. The Serpent’s Stone  
5. An Ode to Dragons  
6. Eternal Majesty Manifest

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