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The new band formed by Aaron Turner (ISIS/OLD MAN GLOOM/MAMIFFER) and Nick Yacyshyn (BAPTISTS), who are joined by bassist Brian Cook (RUSSIAN CIRCLES/BOTCH/THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES), is a steamrolling sonic entity that sees these accomplished and influential musicians create a primal, heaving, and ultimately crushing monolith of sound with their debut album “The Deal”. Gargantuan free-form heaviness intertwined with heavy atmospherics, noise, and gleaming sonic ambience just merely represent the multitude of layers that create the merciless pillage that is SUMAC’s debut album.


1. Spectral Gold
2. Thorn In The Lions Paw
3. Hollow King
4. Blight End’s Angel
5. The Deal
6. The Radiance Of Being

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