SUNN O))) – altar (with BORIS) – CD digisleeve

CD digisleevesouthern lord recordings2006


Southern Lord are extremely honored to present the new collaboration album from Boris and sunn 0))) entitled: “Altar”. This album is NOT a split album. “Altar” is a true collaboration album between sunn 0))) and Boris that is a result of both bands conceptualizing, writing and recording the album together as one entity. Both groups have stepped outside their previous sounds and created a wholly unique album that stands on its own unique ground. There are elements of each groups trademark sound within the album but true to each groups progressive and experimental aspects, “Altar” moves into a completely new dimension.


1. etna
2. n.l.t.
3. the sinking belle (blue sheep)
4. akuma no kuma
5. fried eagle mind
6. blood swamp

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