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Sweet William’s new album « Ocean » is a concept album : it begins with a prologue, classically instrumented, then proceeds directly with the title track « Ocean » which finally opens the album in the good old rock style and straightforward. Constant tempo changes and musical opposites merge into one another, “Ocean” is about the human abyss, the music seems threatening, dark – but then again bright and shiny – just like the sea – the Ocean. Sweet William’s music is back to its roots which leaded them to be a successful band signed on the respected Hyperium and Dion Fortune ! This album contains some hits such as “Insane”, “Over”, “Ground”, but it also features a wonderful cover of Joy Divison’s anthem “New Dawn fades”.


1. Prologue
2. Ocean
3. Fly Away
4. Insane
5. New Dawn Fades
6. Welcome To The Show
7. Until You Sleep
8. Turning
9. Beautiful Sky
10. Tsunami
11. Reach Out
12. Everytime And Everywhere
13. Silence
14. Last Restart
15. Ground
16. Over
17. A Walk Down To The Sea
18. The End Of The World

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