TAU CROSS – pillar of fire – CD

CDrelapse records2017


TAU CROSS, the multinational punk / heavy metal collective revolving around Amebix bassist / frontman Rob « The Baron » Miller, Voivod drummer Michel « Away » Langevin, and members of cult crust outfits Misery and War//Plague, return with their highly anticipated sophomore full-length entitled Pillar of Fire. Recorded in three different countries and co-produced by « The Baron », Pillar of Fire further expands the group's unique musical approach ranging from dark folk witchery to industrial punk metal brutalism; a moody melting pot of Killing Joke's metallic post-punk and Motörhead's anthemic, hard rock with flourishes of traditional instrumentation and an infusion of 16th century English mysticism. Pillar of Fire is a musical unearthing of TAU CROSS's philosophical preoccupations: mythological motifs, ultra-terrestrial hypotheses, surreal, social political landscapes and the endless search for meaning in a controlled Universe.


1. Raising Golem
2. Bread and Circuses
3. On the Water
4. Deep State
5. Pillar of Fire
6. Killing the King
7. A White Horse
8. The Big House
10. Seven Wheels
11. What Is a Man

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