TERA MELOS – x’ed out

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Truly great art is that which can’t be easily understood and dissected, but immediately resonates nonetheless. Tera Melos’ new full length, X’ed Out is just that kind of adventure. X’ed Out is the culmination of an arc begun on Tera Melos’ first proper full-length, Patagonian Rats (Sargent House, 2010) — a supercollider of 60s pop hooks, Minutemen garage-prog, post-punk evisceration, wiry psychedelia and nearly everything else in-between. Here, the Sacramento based trio burns and simmers simultaneously while situated somewhere without benefit of location services. It’s a nowhere land, X’ed Out of the grid, both inviting and daring.


1. Weird Circles

2. New Chlorine

3. Bite

4. Snake Lake

5. Sunburn

6. Melody Nine
7. No Phase

8. Tropic Lame

9. Slimed

10. Until Lufthansa

11. Surf Nazis

12. X’ed Out and Tired

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