TEXAS IS THE REASON – do you know who you are ? : the complete collection – VINYL 2xLP (transparent red)

VINYL 2xLP (transparent red)revelation records1996


This new expanded version of Texas Is The Reason's groundbreaking album includes the last two songs the band wrote before splitting up, but had never released. These two songs, which fit right into the band's canon, were finally put to tape this year with « Do You Know Who You Are? » producer J. Robbins – making this, for the first time, a complete career retrospective. « Do You Know Who You Are?: The Complete Collection » will be released by Revelation Records in February. Now available again on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download of complete 2xLP set.


1. johnny on the spot
2. the magic bullet theory
3. nickel wound
4. there’s no way i can talk myself out of this one tonight (the drinking song)

1. something to forget (version II)
2. do you know who you are ?
3. back and to the left
4. the day’s refrain

1. a jack with one eye
2. every little girl’s dream
3. when rock ‘n’ roll was just a baby
4. blue boy

1. something to forget (version I)
2. if it’s here when we get back it’s ours
3. dressing cold
4. antique

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