THE DRIFT – noumena – CD

CDtemporary residence limited2005


Originally a side project from Danny Grody (Tarentel) and Trevor Montgomery (Lazarus), San Francisco’s The Drift very quickly matured into a full-time dub-jazz-rock ensemble. After Montgomery left Tarentel and The Drift to focus on his Lazarus project, the band enlisted upright bass phenom Safa Shokrai to replace him – in addition to Jeff Jacobs on trumpet and Rich Douthit (Halifax Pier) on drums – ultimately steering the band away from its ambient rock leanings and into the hazy world of dub-infused guitar stabs and inspired jazz shuffles.


1. gardening, not architecture
2. invisible cities
3. hearts are flowers
4. transatlantic
5. inconsistency principle
6. fractured, then gathered (reprise)

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