THE FEELING OF LOVE – la peur est une illusion

VINYL LP (black)les disques de la face cachee2012


The Feeling of Love play a brand of schizoid-devil-synth-blues awash in a sonic pastiche of late 80s Jon Spencer, White Light/White Heat and Sonic Youth. Brainchild of Frenchman Guillaume Marietta, the three-piece have perhaps become equally as known for their ridiculous song titles (“I Am Nothing But A Drunk Pussy,” “I Hate All Bands,” “The Right Bitch At The Right Place”) as they are for their remarkable live performances. Marietta is prone to swallow the microphone whole as he fusses with pedals and picks his pretty little Danelectro amid strobe lights and flashing colors.


1. Hand Clap Girl
2. I’m Nothing But A Drunk Pussy
3. Jordan’s Rules
4. The Right Bitch At The Right Place
5. Julie G.
6. Deluxe Archive
7. Revenge

1. The Rapeman Blues
2. The Truth Belongs To The Brown Liquor
3. The Girl Doesn’t Look Like The Other Girls
4. Young Jesus
5. You Rock, You’re Seventeen, You Should Kill A Ten Years Old Kid
6. Red Rhumba
7. Le Seigneur

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