THE SHRINE – primitive blast

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The band’s hotly anticipated new album Primitive Blast will be released on July 10. Boasting a BIG sound the trio has dubbed « Psychedelic Violence », THE SHRINE — who Thrasher has called « a hard-hitting three-piece, combining the hooks and tones of classic rock with the energy and stage presence of a thrash band, » has been making waves in Los Angeles for the past few years, touring and sharing the stage with the likes of Kyuss Lives!, Pentagram, Graveyard, Fu Manchu, Howlin’ Rain, Holy Grail and The Sword. Primitive Blast is the highly anticipated follow up to THE SHRINE’s 2010 self-titled debut which was produced by Black Flag’s Chuck Dukowski.


1. Zipper Tripper
2. Whistlings of Death
3. Freak Fighter
4. Run the Night
5. Primitive Blast
6. Louise
7. Wasted Prayer
8. Drinking Man
9. Deep River (Livin’ to Die)

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