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Candlelight Records confirms February 24th will see the release of “Consolamentum”, the label debut from English doom metallers THE WOUNDED KINGS. Produced by Chris Fielding (Electric Wizard) and overcoming numerous line-ups since their formation in 2005, Mills and the KINGS have amazed audiences with their powerful stage personae. THE WOUNDED KINGS have a mystical and mythical quality which makes them an enormously appealing prospect,” said Terrorizer Magazine of the band’s summertime London performance. “THE WOUNDED KINGS sound is so organic that the room actually starts to feel damp and musty,” notes Blabbermouth. The two-time Roadburn alumni are cherished by attendees and the popular festival promoters, who call the band “British doom of staggering power that is made all the more distinct by the unsettling presence of singer Sharie Neyland, who stands on stage almost trance-like, invoking her lyrics in a chanted voice that holds the entire venue in thrall.” To date the Dartmoor-based five piece has released three full-length studio albums and a well received split album with Richmond, Virginia’s Cough. The band has been finding a growing American audience since the release of their 2011 album, In the Chapel Of The Black Hand. It is the first to feature the band’s new vocalist; Neyland.


1. Gnosis
2. Lost Bride
3. Elige Magistrum
4. Consolamentum
5. Space Conqueror
6. The Silence
7. Sacrifice

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