THISQUIETARMY – orange (with AIDAN BAKER) – CD digisleeve

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Orange is the first collaboration between the two Canadian guitarists Aidan Baker & Eric Quach. After sharing a bill together in 2005 with their respective bands Mnemosyne & Destroyalldreamers, they have begun to exchange recording files by post mail, which were then mixed by Quach in Montreal during the summer of 2006. The result was released a few months later as a 30-min EP through Quach’s imprint (TQA Records) and limited to only 200 CD-R copies. Since then, they have released another album called A Picture of a Picture in 2009 through Killer Pimp and have played several shows together in Canada & all over Europe. Lunasylum is proud to re-issue Orange as a re-edited, remastered and extended 47-min full-length CD, with the addition of 4 extra tracks from the same sessions that were left behind five years ago.


1. agent
2. mandarin
3. clockwork
4. blood
5. amplifier
6. crush
7. glow
8. milk

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