TIDELAND – asleep in the graveyard

CDsons of vesta records2010


grunge/punkrock three-piece from sterling, virginia, for fans of malady, slint, sonic youth, nirvana and unwound. tideland delivers a hazy yet melodic sonic assault with caustic vocals pouring over it all like poison syrup. catchy yet dirty, “asleep in the graveyard” walks a tightrope between digestible and destructive. over 35 minutes of horrific visions and druggy nightmares on this impressive debut LP.


1. Brain Dead on the Interstate
2. Mucked Out Heart
3. Defect
4. Crash
5. Badness 10000
6. South of Point of Rocks
7. Toxic Injection
8. Crush
9. Devil Behind Doors
10. Red Coast and Foxes
11. Terror Monger
12. Hell Is Above Me

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