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VINYL LP (orange)southern lord recordings2014


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As the visionary metal cult known as TODAY IS THE DAY prepares to assault the masses with their tenth full-length album, Animal Mother, Southern Lord today discloses the LP’s art, track listing and a visual trailer featuring the first precursor of the hostile and haunting audio the album promises to unleash.
As always, the dejected and vengeful hymns TODAY IS THE DAY delivers with their latest opus are among the most scathing passages of audio one will experience, as Animal Mother unloads just short of a solid hour of pure anguish. The band’s lineup features the rhythm section of bassist Sean Conkling (Regression, Burn Your Halo, Sprawl) and drummer Jeff Lohrber (Enabler, ex-Harlots), fronted by cult leader, founding guitarist/vocalist Steve Austin. Through fifteen diversified attacks, Animal Mother’s wrath recalls elements of several seminal TITD albums, merging the dementia of Temple Of The Morning Star with the blazing delivery of In The Eyes Of God, yet several acoustic and more melodic angles elevate the LP’s material to entirely different dimensions. Pain and hate are blatantly abundant in Austin’s seething and venomous lyrical tirades and emotional outcries. The Animal Mother recordingsessions took place at the notorious architect’s own Austin Enterprises in the deeply wooded Maine wilderness this brutal past Winter, the material fully produced and mastered by Austin. The cover art for Animal Mother was created by Samantha Muljat.


1. Animal Mother
2. Discipline
3. Sick of Your Mouth
4. Imperfection
5. Law of the Universe
6. Outlaw (Acoustic)
7. Godcrutch
8. Divine Reward

1. Masada
2. Heathen
3. Mystic
4. The Last Strand
5. Outlaw
6. Zodiac

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