TODAY IS THE DAY – sadness will prevail – 2xCD

2xCDrelapse records2002


The apex of creation for the Reverend Steve Austin and his hand-picked collection of musical assassins, TITD's Sadness Will Prevail is an epic double CD with over two hours of music. It is the sound of endless struggle, unbreakable strength and ultimate triumph over all. It is the maverick sound of a unique vision, clearly documenting the band's ascent into the halls of the hallowed: the daring few who change the course of music forever in their wake.


1. Maggots and Riots
2. Criminal
3. Distortion of Nature
4. Crooked
5. Butterflies
6. Unearthed
7. Descent
8. Death Requiem
9. Christianized Magick
10. Voice of Reason: Vicious Barker
11. Face After the Shot
12. Ivory of Self Hate
13. Nailing
14. Mistake
15. Invincible
16. Aurora
17. Sadness Will Prevail

1. Myriad
2. Spaceship
3. Flowers Made of Flesh
4. Your Life Is Over
5. Control the Media
6. Vivicide
7. Miasma
8. Times of Pain
9. Breadwinner
10. Friend
11. Never Answer the Phone
12. I Live to See You Smile
13. Sadness Will Prevail Theme

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