TOXIC HOLOCAUST – from the ashes of nuclear destruction – CD

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From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction collects over ten years worth of Toxic Holocaust rarities into one raging compilation. Collecting their many contributions to comps with their sides from their vinyl only splits with Municipal Waste, Midnight and more, together with demo versions of Toxic Holocaust classics From The Ashes of Nuclear Destruction is a historic romp through the history of one of the modern era’s best old school metal bands.


1. Intro
2. Metal Attack
3. Deathmaster
4. Created to Kill
5. Ready to Fight
6. Arise from the Cemetery
7. Thrashing Death
8. Send Them to Hell
9. Never Stop the Massacre
10. Army of One
11. Death Camp
12. Reaper’s Grave
13. Death Brings Death
14. In the Name of Science
15. Nuke the Cross
16. Suicide Eye
17. 666
18. Bitch
19. Agony of the Damned
20. A.T.O.M.I.C.
21. We Bring ‘Em Hell
22. Altar-ed States

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