TWIN PRICKS – this might be the last time you’ll ever hear from us

VINYL LP (black)specific recordings2013


10 years after his chaotic hardcore band broke up, Dead For A Minute, Florian is back with some friends of his to bring a new project to life, in a totally different style. Hailing from Metz, France Twin Pricks play a wonderful mixture of post punk , indie rock and cold wave somewhere between Police, Disemberment Plan, No Knife, Spy Vs Spy or some bands who could be in No Sleep records / Run For Cover records’ roaster. « This Might Be The Last Time You’ll Ever Hear From Us » is their first 10 songs LP, with a limited pressing of 500 black 180 gram vinyls (gatefold) on Specific Recordings.


1. Let Go
2. Bullseye
3. Rollercoast The Holocaust
4. Dying To Live
5. Landmine

1. How To Fall In Love
2. The Race
3. Smile
4. Vice
5. This Might Be The Last Time You’ll Ever Hear From Me

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