ULTRAMANTIS BLACK – ultramantis black – CD

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Behold the debut EP of ULTRAMANTIS BLACK, the hardcore musical vessel of professional wrestling’s own UltraMantis Black. Having spent over a decade dominating the independent pro wrestling scene, UltraMantis recruited a cadre of musicians from today’s finest punk bands, including members of Pissed Jeans, to form a blistering sociopolitical hardcore band that is equal parts Vegan Reich, Deadguy and LARM. Envision the unapologetic politics and fury of 90’s hardcore filtered through the over-the-top theatrics of lucha libre and you have ULTRAMANTIS BLACK!


1. Biomonster DNA
2. Prescription Culture
3. Oil and Gas
4. Sentience
5. Stockpiling Graves
6. Deepest Ecology
7. West Siberian Plain
8. Earth War
9. Gloom of Prosperity

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