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Sic Transit Gloria Mundi ep
par Ulver

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Mihai Nicolae Chereji thumbnail
Mihai Nicolae Chereji Excelent experimental pop with historical lyrics.
Ineluctably thumbnail
Ineluctably ‘We fill pre-existing forms and when we fill them we change them and are changed.’ Frank Bidart Piste favorite : Bring Out Your Dead.
Was Ist Das? thumbnail
Was Ist Das? Ulver are just unstoppable these daysr Piste favorite : The Power of Love.
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The Power of Love 00:00 / 05:38

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Echo Chamber (Room of Tears) 04:24


Bring Out Your Dead 04:56


The Power of Love 05:38

à propos
The sad remains from our Caesarean banquet. Two songs we kind of left on the drawing board but resumed work on this summer. Additionally, a cover of a childhood favourite – one we actually started some twelve–thirteen years ago – from the time we first started thinking about making “pop” music. This EP was finalized in our new studio in the old town of Oslo in September, and sent off to Youth’s (Martin Glover and Michael Rendall) in London in October, for imperial sound quality. Mastered this week by The Bricoleur.
Cover shows Francis Bacon’s Study After Velásquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1953), used with kind permission of Des Moines Art Center. Design by Paschalis Zervas, +wolframgrafik.
Thanks to David Hall and Vivek Venkatesh for their wonderful work on videos to accompany these two new songs, using footage from our concert at Labirinto della Masone, Italy, June 3rd. Also in order is a big shout out to Birk Nygaard, BN Visuals, for his general laser dementia and documenting this special occasion. Birk will join us on the road this November, and we hope to see some of you out there. Also with us, as usual, best FOH in the West, Chris Fullard.


1. Echo Chamber (Room of Tears)
2. Bring Out Your Dead
3. The Power of Love

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