UNKIND – yhteiskunnan

VINYL LP (red wax & black swirl) + CDalerta antifascista records2010


an amazing and totally bleak and definitely their best (4th) LP from this finnish band, combining a more muted and moody take on DISFEAR-style rocked out guitar riffs, savagely shouted vocals ala’ VICTIMS, and then the dark and epic scope of NEUROSIS (and their slower, low end lumbering) , TRAGEDY (mood carrying guitar riffs and solos) ARTIMUS PYLE (bursting from all of that into wicked thrash) and their ilk. The Recording is crazy serious and megalithic, allowing the weight of the riffs to be literally oppressive and powerful then just clearing enough space for the band to blast fast thrashier parts. top knotch musician ship, the mood of the whole affair somber as it can get, and while this metallic influenced crust style is seems at times almost completely currently dismissed stateside / locally, if you like any of the five bands I just mentioned, buy this immediately. AWESOME.


1. taas naita paivla
2. sukupuut
3. the kotiin
4. valheet

1. vaina
2. yhteiskunnan pikkuvikoja
3. kantaja
4. izmennik

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