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Formed in 1996 in Paris, France on the ashes of hardcore bands Upstairs People and Hole Process. In fifteen years and more than four hundred concerts (including many dates across Europe), it is like a true war machine that Unlogistic conquered his audience… We can think of an original mixture of old-school hardcore, punk-rock, crust or noisy-pop. From 2001 to 2010, the Paris band has traded his drums and his bass against a drum machine, which allowed to evolve and experiment more. Since, inflated by the arrival of Pascal (The Louise Mitchels, micropenis) on bass and Camille (Semi Playback, Twee Cat Trip) on drums, the group increasingly angry, wants to write some new songs with this line up, to follow …

This compilation contains all the recordings/records of the band between 2001 and 2010, period during which the band/collective used a drum machine rather than a drummer. The songs are coming from two albums, « hAnger » and « Capitulation », from six splits (7 « , LP or CDR), with Homeboys, Seanews, Donald Washington, ISP, DFI, Connards Lakeys and Crippled Old Farts, and from seven compilations.


1. Boycott J.O.
2. Sang Gènes
3. FMI-Cracy
4. Wars For Sale
5. Working Prison
6. Friday Fatalist Rescue
7. Weetamix
8. Summer Sunday
9. Big Machine Weakness
10. Tricard
11. Amateur Lobotomie 1
12. Amateur Lobotomie 2
13. Pachamama
14. Pessimisme Combatif
15. Georges Jungle
16. Karaoké Against Fake Beauty
17. Oil Slick
18. Not Like You
19. Heavy Mental
20. Yeah Yeah Yeah
21. Fistfuck Playa Club
22. Teddy
23. My Sun
24. St Medard-core
25. Wouker
26. VGive Us Rope
27. An Arm In Your Ass
28. Violence
29. Sometimes I Make Up
30. The Smell Of My Death
31. Sob
32. Panzer Kardinal
33. Assoiffés
34. Annihilate
35. Revenge
36. Big Power
37. Propaganda Macario
38. My World
39. Understand
40. So You Wanna Hit The Ground
41. I’m So Tired
42. There’s No Time Left
43. Beauty
44. I Don’t Want
45. I Know The Story
46. Fulk
47. Soulmate
48. Terrific
49. For Psycho
50. I Don’t Need
51. Against You
52. War Two
53. Mould

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