US CHRISTMAS – eat the low dogs

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2008 release from this Marion, North Carolina band, recorded live either in stifling heat or nut-shriveling cold. Snare drums rattle, amps hum and pop, dogs bark in the background. But that’s the way it always sounds, and the band doesn’t see any point in changing a method that works. Originally formed in the summer of 2002, U.S. Christmas has steadily evolved into a full-blown psychedelic assault. The music cannot be ignored. It hurts people, physically and mentally. It stirs intense feelings of pain, frustration, loss, fear, and, occasionally, euphoria. The band always plays at deafening volumes, and guitarist Nate Hall frequently uses multiple amp setups for a thick, layered sound. Rhythm section Tim Greene and John Presnell hit the low-end, and Matt Johnson often mans guitar and theremin simultaneously. Chad Davis is able to handle any musical duties at any time.


1. In The Light Of All Time
2. The Scalphunters
3. Say Sister
4. Silent Tongue
5. The Light and Trails
6. Uktena
7. Gallows Humor
8. Black Lung
9. Pray to the Sky

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