US CHRISTMAS – run thick in the night – CD

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Hailing from the Appalachian mountains region of western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee, US Christmas’s unique brand of psychedelic, high-volume blues rock evades easy classification. The band was founded in Marion, NC, in the summer of 2002, and played biker bars, art spaces and house shows all over the Southeast dirt circuit for years, self-releasing albums in CDR form. Scott Kelly of Neurosis heard their third album Salt the Wound via his radio show Combat Music Radio / KMBT, which lead to the release of 2008’s Eat the Low Dogs on Neurot Recordings.


1. In The Night
2. Wolf on Anareta
3. Fire Is Sleeping
4. Fonta Flora
5. Ephraim In The Stars
6. The Leonids
7. Suzerain
8. Maran
9. The Quena
10. Deep Green
11. Devil’s Flower in Mother Winter
12. Mirror Glass
13. The Moon In Flesh And Bone

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