USURPRESS – in permanent twilight

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The unit fuse classic founding death metal patterns with a more dissonant, primitive crust/punk tones into a raw, filthy attack. Having only soiled the metal underworld with a demo and short split 7″ releases (one with Bombs of Hades, the other with Pyramido) to date, that will all change on the 1st of May when their latest output In Permanent Twilight will be released. Recorded and mixed by Lawrence Mackrory in Blueflame Studio and Great Scot! Audio, the whiplash-inducing MCD runs rampant with eight tunderous USURPRESS hymns in twenty-two minutes.

Formed in 2010, USURPRESS was founded by members Stefan Pettersson (ex-Sportlov, Diskonto/vocals), Påhl Sundström (ex-Blotseraph, Shuriken/guitar) and Calle (drums), later expanding to a four-piece by recruiting bassist Daniel Ekeroth (ex-Tyrant, ex-Insision, Dellamorte, author of Swedish Death Metal).


1. Pleasing the Usurpress
2. Unpunished
3. I am an Empire
4. The Initiated (Will Fall)
5. Embrace Your Non-Existence
6. Primitive Majesty
7. Downtrodden Isolation
8. In Permanent Twilight

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