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Formed by two of the most accomplished musicians in the American black metal underground scene today, namely K. Morgan of Ash Borer/Predatory Light and M. Rekevics of Fell Voices/Vorde/Vilkcasis, VANUM’s debut album displays some of the best music the aforementioned musicians have ever created amongst their respective bands and extensive repertoires already under their belt.

With “Realm Of Sacrifice”, Morgan and Rekevics have unearthed four massive time-stretching majestic raw black metal epics that do tread familiar ground when being aware of each musician’s work with their other bands. But since VANUM is the first time Morgan and Rekevics are actually collaborating together in writing music, “Realm Of Sacrifice” brings that culmination they’ve been building towards together in a new vision that will forge itself amongst the elite within the U.S. black metal underground.


1. Realm of Ascension
2. In Immaterial Flame
3. Convergence
4. Realm of Sacrifice

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