VARIOUS ARTISTS COMPILATION – hangover heartattack (a tribute to POISON IDEA) – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)farewell records2003


It’s hard to believe this album is ten years old already… This is an amazing tribute album, with some of the best bands in the underground hardcore punk scene. Released as a limited run of 3500 copies on black vinyl, it was issued in a deluxe gatefold sleeve and a massive full-sized 24-page book of liner notes, vintage interviews with Poison Idea, piles of photos and full info on every band featured on the album. Essential.


1. Bonehouse – Hangover Heartattack
2. Barcode – Die On Your Knees
3. Godnose – A.A.
4. Path Of Destruction – Taken By Surprise
5. Calibre 12 – Allright
6. Baffdecks – Plastic Bomb
7. Rat Bastards – Laughing Boys
8. Agrotoxico – Punish Me
9. Paintbox – Thorn In My Side

1. Diavolo Rosso – Lifestyles
2. Blasting Process – Gone For Good
3. Kill Your Idols – Made To Be Broken
4. Bolzen – Rich Get Richer
5. Mata Ratos – A Verdade Portras De Tudo (Drain)
6. Toe To Toe – Just To Get Away
7. 6000 Crazy – Discontent
8. Ratos De Porao – Pure Hate
9. Wolfbrigade – Say Goodbye

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