VERDUN – split with OLD IRON – VINYL LP (dark brown)

VINYL LP (dark brown)araki records2021


After an Ep and two albums, which the latest « Astral Sabbath » was released at the end of 2019, VERDUN returns to the front of the stage with two songs finalized during the pandemic. Once again recorded and mixed by Cyrille Gachet (Year Of No Light, Fange, CHaos Echoes ..) the group develops its hybrid doom / hardcore through a composition and a cover completely rearranged for a split shared with the Americans of OLD IRON . With a heavy approach and an assumed desire for painful melodies, the quartet does not hesitate to incorporate new elements into its music, even more imbued with dynamics and intensity.
OLD IRON aspire to weave sprawling psychedelic sludge tapestries. Jerad Shealey(The Helm, Heiress) and Jesse Roberts (Sandrider, Kid Congo Powers, The Ruby Doe) started writing music with original drummer Brandon Ramses during 2011 with the goal of getting loud, heavy, and weird. Later that year their first self released full length Cordyceps (2012) was recorded in Jesse’s basement. Current drummer, Trent McIntyre joined the ranks soon after. With Trent in the equation their second record came into focus. With Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Botch) at the engineering helm, Lupus Metallorum (2016) was recorded at The Red Room in Seattle WA and released on Good to Die records in 2016.


1. VERDUN – narconaut
2. VERDUN – dawn of the angry

1. OLD IRON – planetesimal
2. OLD IRON – strix nebulosa

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