16 HORSEPOWER – yours, truly. – VINYL 2xLP (black)

glitterhouse records 2011


16 Horsepower looms large in the Alternative Tentacles catalog, as they do over the entire alt-Americana musical landscape. Yours Truly is split into two parts: the first disc showcases popular favorites chosen by fans in an online survey; the second includes obscure, hard-to-find B-sides and previously unreleased demo versions of 16HP masterpieces. Many of the tracks originally appeared on the band’s long-out-of-print late-’90s A&M releases. Yours Truly was mixed by producer Bob Ferbrache (Blood Axis, Soul Merchants, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Tarantella) specially for this release. The deluxe double-LP and double-CD package comes with a lyric booklet with rare photos and artwork. As rural gothic goes, one cannot do much better than David Eugene Edwards (who now records as Woven Hand) and company, with their use of acoustic old-time instruments mixed with the impassioned vocals and fire-and-brimstone lyrics. »[Secret South] is a forlorn dustbowl saloon bar where Nick Cave woefully sinks bourbons with The Gun Club only moments after a loved one’s funeral parade… The objective was to make a fucking brilliant album where the mood is king, the delivery is queen and studied modern coolness is a jester that’s one misplaced quip away from being the lion’s breakfast. And, of course, they’ve succeeded.


1. Black Soul Choir
2. American Wheeze
3. Splinters
4. Haw
5. For Heaven’s Sake
6. Clogger

1. Hutterite Mile
2. Poor Mouth
3. Cinder Alley
4. Low Estate
5. I Seen What I Saw
6. Strawfoot

1. Phyllis Ruth
2. Flowers In My Heart
3. Dead Run
4. American Wheeze
5. Black Soul Choir
6. Bad Moon Rising
7. Worry

1. The Partisan
2. Fire Spirit
3. Cinder Alley
4. Poor Mouth
5. Clogger
6. De-Railed

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