KARYSUN – split with LORDS – VINYL 10'' (black)

destructure records 2009


New release that should be out really soon, in time for KARYSUN and LORDS upcoming european tours. Theses crazy LORDS recorded few weeks ago 2 new songs and 3 noisy thrash covers of Nazareth, Young Widows and Kinghorse. As usual, this has been recorded by Chris at Headbanging Kill Your Mama so get prepared for a very intense experience ! On the other side you’ll get two new songs from KARYSUN, recorded last year (same session as the YONL split 7″ and freshly remixed & mastered by Guillaume Doussaud at Studio De La Souleuvre). Two new heavy songs, an anarcho-stoner-punk anthem and a very dark instrumental offer to satan !?! Drunk thought artwork done by Roulio from Ben Salad.


1. KARYSUN – spit on their face
2. KARYSUN – walk on them
1. LORDS – five cops
2. LORDS – the guitar
3. LORDS – the hammer and the nail
4. hair of the dog
5. clayfist

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Weight 150 g