WALLS – the future is wide open – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)de graanrepubliek records2012


The paranoia and unease of one man is hard to measure physically. WALLS has done this sonically so that the more timid people out there don’t have to get their hands quite so dirty. They will still have to do the work though. There is always the work.
‘The Future Is Wide Open’ is a sarcastic bite out of society’s apple. And what a rotten apple indeed. Bursting with angst and tension, this album is a relentless hardcore punk/noise rock demon-sound.
There is no release from the future. The gates are shut.


1. Just Complain
2. Dignity Village
3. In Disguise – Tears of A Lonely Man
4. Cheap Equipment
5. It Never Rolls Right Off
6. Stare At The Walls

1. Wants and Needs
2. Pure Hate aka Fraud
3. Slow Erase
4. Positive Thought is not Making A Deal with Death
5. Mekano
6. A Piece of Rope

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