WARSAWWASRAW – sensitizer – VINYL LP (solid red)

VINYL LP (solid red)music fear satan2014


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After seven years of existence, several European tours (one of them with THE LOCUST), three fewer members, and two 7 inches, the parisian noise hardcore punk duo WARSAWWASRAW unveils its first album « Sensitizer ».
The band delivers 17 challenging tracks of raw and singular complexity. Beyond short and abrasive songs that destroy everything on their path, some elaborate heavier numbers like « Hell's Angles » or « Hidden Ashes » add width to the experience and serve as the backbone of the record.
Somewhere between CONVERGE, THE LOCUST and FUCKED UP, the parisian duo afirms its identity with this record and establishes itself as a pionner of the French and European forward-thinking chaotic hardcore punk scene.


1. nipplesin
2. legacide
3. carbon date rape
4. freestrator
5. deaf ignition
6. woodcloth
7. eyewound
8. slumber attendant
9. hell’s angles

1. celestial blackeye
2. axed and relaxed
3. hollow cost
4. vanity crest
5. undressed to kill
6. spray for salvation
7. listen silent
8. hidden ashes

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