WHITE, DANIEL – le lac des morts vivants (OST) (LIMITED EDITION)

VINYL LP (swamp green)specific recordings bis1981


In a small lakeside town of the French countryside, young women are reported missing. The superstitious locals blame the “Lake of Ghosts”, but the town’s Mayor seems powerless to take any action. When another girl is found with her throat ripped out, a Parisian journalist begins to uncover the deadly secrets of the lake and its dead, green-faced Nazi zombies.
Jess Franco and Jean Rollin teaming up for what’s considered the “worst French horror movie ever made” is a Z-cinema freak dream coming true. But Zombie Lake wouldn’t be the monument it is today without Pop Club De France collaborator Daniel J. White’s haunting score full of twisted synthetic library sounds, presented here for the first time on swamp green vinyl.


1. (Opening) Atlantide Story
2. Diurnal Melody For A Bird
3. Aquatic Sequence #1
4. First Attack
5. Le Lac! Le Lac! Oh Le Lac!
6. Monologue Pour Piano (Love Scene #1)
7. Joie (Nudist Sequence)
8. Eromantic Violins (Love Scene #2)
9. Aquatic Sequence #2
10. Vox Intima (Love Scene #3)

1. Peasant Terror #1
2. Promizoulin!
3. Aquatic Sequence #3
4. Peasant Terror #2
5. Horror
6. Love Scene #4
7. Aquatic Sequence #4
8. Night Symphony For A Bird
9. Aquatic Sequence #5
10. Love Scene #5
11. Aquatic Sequence #6
12. Peasant Terror #3
13. Zombie Lake Trailer

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