WHITE WARD – false light – CD digipack

CD digipackdebemur morti productions2022


Heavily conceptual and rich with meaning, the 8 dystopian tracks use overarching inspiration from « Intermezzo », a 1908 impressionistic novel by the Ukrainian author Mykhailo Kotsubinsky – in addition to works by Beat-writer Jack Kerouac and psychoanalyst Carl Jung – to explore government-sanctioned murders, imminent environmental catastrophes, police brutality, domestic abuse, the psychic emptiness of cities, falsity of modern mainstream culture and ill-effects of overconsumption. « False Light » is a multi-layered success story – perfectly balancing tension and traction, restraint and resurgence, fatalism and focus into an indispensable record from a stunning band at the top of their game.


1. Leviathan
2. Salt Paradise
3. Phoenix
4. Silence Circles
5. Echoes In Eternity
6. Cronus
7. False Light
8. Downfall

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